Under my company The Other Wave, I provide consulting, training and other services for editorial- and business-focused media projects. Click here to schedule a consultation appointment with me (initial 15-minute consultations are free). Here are my full list of services:

Consulting and Coaching
  • Audience engagement and social media management strategies
  • Community-driven journalism frameworks and strategies
  • Solutions journalism frameworks and strategies
  • Email newsletter strategies
  • Change leadership and change management
  • Managing multiple generations in newsroom environments, especially startups
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion through a journalistic lens
  • Creating community advisory boards for media outlets
  • Navigating startup methodologies (e.g. business model canvases)
  • Understanding different business models in media
  • Understanding and developing audience funnels through a journalistic lens
  • Conducting audience/market research through a journalistic lens
  • Applying design thinking to journalism frameworks
  • Creating user personas

I can speak about all the topics listed under Consulting and Coaching.

  • Giving public lectures
  • Hosting interactive workshops
  • Moderating panels
  • Hosting public events
  • Hosting and tailoring Story Circles to your particular needs
Writing and Editing

I can edit coverage and write about a wide range of topics, including journalism, politics, business, technology, pop culture and more.

  • Editing journalism and B2B content
  • Writing in-depth news articles (i.e. features)
  • Writing op-eds
  • Leading and writing research studies
  • Speechwriting
  • Case studies